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Our Company Attend 2023 China Roof Exhibition


April 24, our company attended the 2023 fourth waterproofing industry conference, the meeting was hosted by the China Construction Waterproofing Association, the same time held "2023 construction waterproofing raw and auxiliary materials and equipment and machinery show (China Waterproofing Exhibition - Nanjing tour)". The main purpose is to promote waterproofing-related standards, insight into the international market trends, exchange of new technologies, new processes, new equipment, promote the waterproofing industry, the whole industry chain quality improvement, rebuilding industry confidence.

Nanjing tour is an extension of the "China International Roofing and Building Waterproofing Technology Exhibition (China Waterproofing Exhibition)", and is the fifth tour following the Association's first Chengdu tour in 2018, Guangzhou tour in 2019, Beijing tour in 2021, Nanjing tour in 2022. "China International Roofing and Building Waterproofing Technology Exhibition" is an international professional waterproofing exhibition covering the whole industry chain, which has been successfully held for more than ten sessions. It is the flagship exhibition in the field of roofing and building waterproofing in Asia, and one of the top three roofing and waterproofing exhibitions in the world.

The exhibition focused on the theme of raw and auxiliary materials and equipment and machinery, is committed to waterproofing material manufacturers and builders to create a "one-stop" supply chain procurement and cooperation platform to meet the waterproofing business for the expansion of upstream supplier resources and enhance the effectiveness of the supply chain needs.