About Us


Qingdao Wenrun Holding Co.,Ltd is a professional roof and pond system designer and supplier in China. Focus on PVC TPO and EPDM membrane for roof, EPDM membrane for pond. At the same time,whole accessories(corner, drainage, fastener, plates, termination bar, welding machine etc) and flashing for single ply roof system, green roof system, photovoltaic roof system and pond anti-seepage system.

From consult and design service to providing high quality roof and pond system, we take care of every step in your project. Contact us,no matter it is about roof or pond,leave all your problems to us!We must give you satisfaction from material supplying to service.

12 years experience, 1000 more projects, please trust us,we can do it.

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  • Professional Team

    12 years experience, we are always able to find the best solution for you.

  • Quick Response

    24*7 service.

    You will always get answers in 6 hours.

  • Trust

    We promise to supply products as per sample and your requirement,not cheat any client.

  • One Stop Solution

    From the beginning to end, we take care of every step in your project.

  • Free Sample and High Customization

    Sample will be free for you, and products liner as per the sizes of your roof and pond.

  • Free Value-added Service

    Finding you the solution is the first step, more service (technical support, construction guidance etc) will supply to you soon.


WENRUN PVC TPO and EPDM products are manufactured in accordance to the globally accepted ASTM and EN standards.Our products bear the applicable ISO,NOA and CE certifications.

Our products find its application in various areas such as roofs, terraces, basements, waterfalls, industrial waste pits, artificial lakes/ponds, building foundations, and other related areas.

So far, our products are exported to more than 40 countries and regions,such as North and South America, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Western and Eastern Europe.


our aim is to supply you best system of roof and pond with reasonable cost from consultation to design, from project quotation to technical support