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EPDM rubber waterproofing membrane


1.EPDM rubber waterproofing membrane is based on EPDM rubber (a polymer copolymerized by ethylene, 

propylene and a small amount of dicyclopentadiene) or mixed with an appropriate amount of butyl rubber, 

and softened by Agents, fillers, reinforcing agents, vulcanizing agents, accelerators, etc., are made into rubber 

waterproofing membranes through mixing, mastication, filtration, extrusion and calendering.

2.The products are divided into fiber non-woven backing membranes (WEL) according to their composition, 

which are mainly used for large-surface adhesive roofs, empty paving or full adhesive for planting roofs and 

underground projects; polyester fiber fabric inner reinforced membranes (WEP), mainly used for the mechanical 

fixing system of single-layer roofs; homogeneous roll material (WEH), mainly used for planting roofs, empty 

paving in underground projects, and detail processing with the other two materials WEL and WEP.

3.EPDM rubber waterproofing membrane has good elasticity and excellent comprehensive performance; 

it can be welded by hot air, which solves the disadvantages of previous EPDM rubber waterproofing membranes 

that cannot be welded and can only be bonded; it has excellent tensile strength It has high elongation properties, 

tensile strength, tear strength, large elongation at break, and strong adaptability to base expansion or 

deformation and cracking; good high and low temperature resistance, and can be used for a long time in severe 

cold and hot environments; good aging resistance, long lasting.

Mainly used for roof garden projects such as single-layer roofs or underground garage roofs.

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