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EPDM waterproof membrane


EPDM  waterproof membrane is made by extruding EPMD with proper amount of butyl rubber, softener and reinforcing agent. The product has excellent weather resistance and wide range of use temperature.

Product Features

1.Exposed to sunshine: UV rays resistance, long service life and aging resistance.

2.Easy installation and dimensional stability:can be Weldable under wide range of temperature and experience minus dimension change in thermal treatment. 

3.High tensile strength and elongation thus can accommodate movements of substrates. 

4.Good flexibility under low temperature(-20 degree), good adaptability to ambient temperature difference. 

5.Secure anti-puncture and good rooting resistance, no pollution caused to environment when being welded and good waterproofing choice for plant roofs. 6.Good plasticity:convenient and fast treatment of detailed parts of corners and edges.