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What Is EPDM?

Often referred to as “rubber roof,” EPDM is a durable thermoset, single-ply synthetic rubber roofing membrane 

that’s been in use for 60 years. As the name suggests, EPDM is made from ethylene and propylene, derived from 

oil and natural gas. The material is available in black or white and comes in a wide variety of widths that range from 

7.5 feet to fifty feet, in thicknesses of 45 and 60 mils.

With an average service life of approximately 25-30 years, EPDM has much to offer. It provides high resistance to 

wind, hail, offers UV resistance, thermal shock, and protection from extreme temperatures. For installation, EPDM 

can be mechanically attached, ballasted, or fully adhered, with the seams sealed with liquid adhesives or specially 

formulated tape.