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tpo membrane sheet for concrete roof


TPO polyester-reinforced thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) roofing membranes are designed for use in mechanically fastened and adhered roofing systems. TPO membranes offer the proven weathering resistance of rubber combined with the thermoplastic properties of polypropylene. The TPO membranes polyester reinforcement allows for structural movement with no splitting or cracking. The TPO membrane is also highly impacted and puncture-resistant. The specially formulated membrane offers excellent resistance to solar UV and chemical exposure as well as remaining flexible in cold temperatures.


TPO membranes can be installed in new, re-roof (tear-off) and recover roof constructions. TPO membranes can be installed directly over layers of approved roof board insulation. The TPO membranes are true thermoplastics, therefore all seams are sealed by the hot air welding method creating a seam as strong as the original membrane.