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Various Types of Prefabricated Accessories


Our company provides high quality prefabricated accessory which is used on the TPO or PVC roofing waterproof system. These prefabricated accessories are made by TPO, PVC or EPDM membrane. We can also do the size and color accroding to your requst.

In the process of waterproof construction, prefabricated accessories can be used to properly handle some special details, which can avoid potential leakage and greatly improve the effect and efficiency of construction.

-Inside Corner: Designed for non-canted 90° inside corner details.

-Universal inside Corner: Designed for use on canted or irregular inside corner details.

-Outside Corner: Designed for non-canted 90° outside corner details.

-Universal Outside Corner: Designed for use on canted or irregular outside corner details.

-Drop Scupper: Can be used for roofing round drainage pipes.

-Exhaust Vent: Installed around roof top circular profile penetrations such as pipe, conduit, gas lines and exhaust vent.

-Anchor: Suited for maintenance personnel working at heights utilizing a harness and a fixed length lanyard or rope.

If you are interested in our products, please tell me the specific size and quantity, I will send you samples and quote you our best price. We are confident that a trial order would convince you that the goods we are offering are of superior quality and excellent value for money.

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