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High Quality Termination Bar


Termination Bar is a multi-purpose, preformed, professional way to attach a wide variety of construction waterproofing, drainage boards,and flashing systems. 

Termination Bar is designed to terminate single-ply membrane at parapet walls and can be used to fix the end flashing of waterproof membrane, such as the termination positions of parapets, skylights, fans, cornices, etc.

Screws are used to fasten the bars.


1.Pre-punched for enhanced speed of installation.

2.Available in two configurations to accommodate most applications.

3.Can be ordered with special hole spacing to meet your application needs.

If you are interested in our products, please tell me the specific size and quantity, I will send you samples and quote you our best price. We are confident that a trial order would convince you that the goods we are offering are of superior quality and excellent value for money.

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