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Roof Coating Reinforcing Nonwoven Polyester Stitchbond Fabric


China Manufacturer Roof Coating Reinforcing Nonwoven Polyester Stitchbond Fabric

WENRUN  Polyester fiber reinforced mesh is a breathable waterproof polymer fiber cloth, its unique structure to ensure the good

permeability, waterproof coating surface coating and intermediate coating can form a whole. water vapor that formed due to

temperature change under the waterproof layer can get timely eduction, the waterproof layer and the base surface bond will not

affected by water vapor, which ensures the long life of the waterproof layer.


Stitch bond fabric could used with different kinds of waterproof paint,and it is the best reinforced fabric.

Completely action with the paint.To be a sufficient waterproof coating after dry.

Width Available:10CM,20CM,30CM,50CM,100CM,could also design by special requirement.

Widely used in different waterproof project,Such as Roofing,basement,Swimming Poor,Kitchen etc.

More than 20 years lifetime.

Environmental Friendly.

High Stretching Resistance

Corrosion Resistance

Convenient Construction

Waterproof ability

High Penetrating Quality

Weight varied from 60gsm to 120gsm


* Water based coatings

* Acrylic elastomeric roof coatings and emulsions

* Asphalt coatings and emulsions

* Solvent based coatings

* All roof repair mastics, cements, wet patch materials, etc

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